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23-Dec-2017 21:47

I think the yin and the yang of having a healthy side of fighting the supernatural, the mythology side of the story, and also the intimate side of their relationship.

And having those two aspects sit happily together so that Vincent feels satisfied and Catherine also feels satisfied in life and in love.

I think it would add an interesting layer—Kristin will hate me for even pitching this—but if she did form a beast side to her, I think it’d be an interesting way for the show to go.

, Condon recalled that despite his efforts to persuade her, "it wasn't a big enough part.""She would have been a good feather duster," he added. For a moment, imagine her silky vocals and smooth vibrato on the film's title track. After all, she does kind of have her hands full with taking care of three children.

We did an interview with Kristin (Kreuk) last week, and she talked about her dream ending for Catherine and Vincent. I think for Vincent, I don’t know if it would ever fly, but I think it’d be interesting if their fairy-tale ending is that Catherine also forms half of her side, perhaps her darker beast side, and they can live together as half-beast, half-human.

I really would’ve liked to have played with the more supernatural side to the beast, and seeing how that would develop within his DNA and in his system—possibly creating new powers that arise within him.Do they have any other dynamic in their relationship that’s going to keep them going?

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